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Primal Artesian Water is a proud member of the Fine Water Society. All Fine Waters are Premium Waters but not all Premium Water is Fine Water and membership is per invitation or nomination only.


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Primal Artesian Water is drawn directly from an underground aquifer, naturally sealed from any exposure to airborne or other contaminating elements.


Est.2000 Million Years BC

Not much happens where our water comes from, not much at all. We had volcanoes erupt once. But it’s been very quiet since. Just the steady drip, drip of African rain collecting in the aquifers those old volcanoes left behind. This is true artesian water – the water that nourishes and sustains our beautiful continent.
So when we found it, we just knew we had to share it.

Filtered over millions of years through mineral enriched porous dolomitic layers, artesian water is filled with goodness. Primal Waters mineral composition can be compared with the world’s finest.